Our Story

We are proud to introduce to you Petbyte.com, ‘The Best in Pet™” and “Where your pets would shop if they could™.”

As pet owners and consumers, we know from experience, how difficult it is to distinguish the not-so-good quality products from the outstanding quality ones, especially online. What if there was one site where you knew that all of your pet purchases were the very best pet products available? Lots of us ask, “What’s the best dog toy to play with your canine friend? What’s the best cat collar? How can I find a pet bowl that lasts? “What are the healthiest pet treats?” Answering these questions became our goal and we searched the world for the best pet products available to bring to you on Petbyte.com

Pets are a vitally important part of the family and your family always demands the highest quality in all that you purchase. Sure price is still a consideration but our goal at Petbyte.com is to deliver the very best in quality keeping in mind that you also want the best in value. In each product we consider the uniqueness, how thoughtful the design, how durable is the material and construction, and most importantly the question “is it the best product for our pets?” and of course yours. We believe our pets should have the best - don’t your pets deserve the best as well?

These furry, loving, funny, creatures come in and out of our lives and every day with them is a pure gift. Sadly they don’t stay as long as we do but at the end, what’s really important is that we know that we give them the very best life a pet can have. And when the time is right, there is always another dog, cat or other creature that needs a loving home. Open your heart and homes to them, create a safe and wonderful world for them and they will give back. With pets your life will always be rich and full of love.

If you love pets like we do – then you are “our people.”

-From the people behind Petbyte